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Convert your slow or broken vacuum Hide-away covers to electric motor.

Tired of those pathetic old vacuum actuators. This kit will convert that slow old vacuum system to a fast acting electric motor. The kit includes: Electric motor with connecting rod; Brackets to mount motor; brackets to connect the rod to your existing hide-away bracket; electrical wire to run through your existing vacuum line (to keep stock look); control relay; instruction manual.

Key Benefits

Quick actuation of both covers at the same time.
No visible wiring harness, to keep stock look.
Easy to install.


Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any of the kits in stock. The electric motor we were using has been discontinued. It was a great motor, because it had the cut off switches built in. Now we are having to do a re-design with a motor that does not have any built in switches. This now requires a current sensing circuit to cut the motor off when it stalls in either direction. I am designing this circuit in my 'spare' time, which seems to be in short supply these days. The cost will still be about $230 for the complete kit. I will update this page as soon as we have something to sell, hopefully in a couple of months.

Description SKU # Price
Electric Hide-away conversion kit  TT-HC-K Out of Stock
Electric motor only TT-HC-M Out of Stock
Control Relay TT-HC-C Out of Stock
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