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Last updated Jan 4, 2003

Tiger-2 Manifold Update

We at Tiger EFI are working diligently to provide the classic Pontiac owner with the advantages of modern fuel injection equipment. Our fuel injection manifolds are being designed to handle every size of classic Pontiac V8 engines (326-455). We are also designing them with provisions for AC brackets, heat crossover blocks and points or HEI distributor clearances. Our universal design allows the throttle body to be positioned into 1 of four different directions allowing you to select the best position for your installation . The design also allows for high performance applications that require tall valve covers and tall intake ports of ported aluminum heads. The manifold is designed without a water crossover so that the manifold may be removed without opening the water system. Future designs will include the option of a water crossover. Our electrical installation is made painless by providing you with a prefabricated wiring harness. The bulkhead connector allows the entire under hood system to be removed by simply unplugging one bulkhead connection. The bulkhead connection is water tight aircraft quality with metal covers and gold plated contacts. The only external electrical connections required are power, ignition pulses to/from your distributor and power leads to the fuel pump. Our manifold is currently under final development and we expect to have production as early as we can. Until then please keep in contact with us.

This is the completed runner section of the Tiger-2 manifold. Two of these sections will bolt to the base of the air box. The base will also have the upper section of the runners forming internal velocity stacks (to help increase torque). The center section of the air box will be CID matched to your application. Then a throttle body section bolts to that forming the roof. It's the throttle body section that may be bolted on in one of four configurations (front right, front left, rear right, rear left). Once final design and a small production quantities have been made and sold, we hope to move to a large scale production thus lowering the overall price. We hope to keep the first production cost to about $950 for just the manifold.

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