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SSCC Sept. 2001


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Silver State Classic


September 2001

Black Tiger Completes 130mph Class in the Silver State Classic Race.

Silver State Classic gets a little taste of classic American Muscle. By Jack Blum and Bill Bauer

We were going to run the 150 mph class, but after a few calculations we decided not to tach the car at 5100rpm for a half hour. We will just wait until next year when we put the 2.78:1 rear end back in. We would also like to change out the computer with the newer Felpro box that will compensate for altitude. The car does not run as well up here (3500ft) as it does down below 1000ft. In the Silver State Classic 130mph class your car has to tech for a max speed of 165mph. After changing some bolts on the seat mounts we were passed tech. This meant that we could go no slower than 100mph and no faster than 165mph. We decided that at the speed trap section we were going to shoot for 160mph plus. I really wanted that 160+ radar speed but, with the heat and the altitude it just didn't happen. I started to accelerate 3 miles before the radar trap and quickly climbed up to about 155mph but just before the trap there is a hill and we slowed back down. So, we were clocked at 147mph. I could have down shifted to 5th but in all the excitement I didn't think of it.

We finished up in 6th place out of 11 cars in our class. Results can be view online.

The best place to be, the finish line....



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