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Here's what's happening with Tiger EFI:

July 1996 -- Tiger-1 Manifold Complete
February 2000 -- Feature article in High Performance Pontiac magazine
July 2000 -- Part of Apaches on the Warpath article in Popular Hot Rodding magazine
September 2000 -- Black Tiger races in the Silver State Classic Challenge
June 2001 -- Feature article in Hot Rod magazine August Issue
May 2001 -- Black Tiger races in the Silver State Classic Challenge
July 2001 -- Tiger-2 Manifold Update
September 2001 -- Black Tiger completes Silver State 130mph Class
January 2002 -- We are currently working on the manifold again. We stopped for a while do to lack of time left over from our regular jobs. But, we are starting to design the top air box of the manifold. We are also going to start to do some flow testing on the runner form model.


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