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Silver State Classic


Some of our favorite Links:

Our new DMV Finder
 The people who started it all
The Southern California Gathering of Goats GTO car club.
Simply one of the best GTO car shows anywhere!
Pontiac only drag racing
Yes you can go 200mph on a public highway without the inconvenience of getting arrested! Silver State Classic
Ken 'Ace' Brewer of Pacific Performance Racing is the only person who I trust the most to builds my motors.
These articles were written by Brian Beckman and are great for building a road racing car. Physics of Racing Series
The POCI is great group of all types of Pontiac people.
If these guy's weren't at the nationals in 96. I may not have finished the car in time. Thanks Ames!
Exclusive vintage Pontiac parts yard, history, event info, street and race car features, trivia, etc. Home of Blown 389 Top Fueler. This site is a MUST visit! Pontiac Heaven
Performance Years Forums
A description of how we did rear disc brakes on our Pontiac's. Bill's Rear Disc Brake Web Site
The new GTO forums page. New GTO
  Pontiac Info Page
Kevin Sullivan's Auto Shop 101. Auto Shop 101
How to convert your Points to HEI HEI Conversion
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