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Silver State Classic Challenge

FLAT OUT.......on a Public Highway!

WHAT IF....it was a beautiful cool and crisp Sunday morning, and....

WHAT IF....you owned a fast high performance vehicle, and....

WHAT IF.... you had 90 miles of deserted Nevada highway before you....


Well, if it was the third Sunday in May or September and you have entered one of the Silver State Classic’s Open Road Racing Events....you could go down that highway as fast as you want to go...legally!


Twice each year the State of Nevada, in cooperation with Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc., permits the closing of State Route #318 between Lund and Hiko (map), Nevada for the running of this unique automotive event. It is open to anyone over 18 years of age with a valid driver's license and a roadworthy vehicle.

You pick the speed at which you want to drive, from 95 to 170 miles per hour, or even unlimited speed, and those who come closest to their target average speed are declared the winners. Participants are started one minute apart and you may take along one passenger (navigator).

Current stats:

    September 2000

We ran the car in the 125mph class. We were doing very well at the 82nd mile, then the car started to cut-out. I did not think it was possible to vapor lock a fuel injected car, but we did. It was 117 degrees out there and the fuel filter was about 1/4 inch from the tail pipe. The SSCC posts the results at Results. They also post the hidden and mid-point radar speeds at RadarResults.

When we returned from that trip, we redesigned the entire fuel system. Moved the fuel pump to the back. Added a large fuel sump to the tank. New fuel filter moved to behind the fuel tank. We also added a remote oil filter and cooler.

   May 2001

Once again we ran the car in the 125mph class. And I am glad to report, we finished! The car ran great. We even got about 12mpg (just a little over 1/4 tank used). Once we re-tune the computer we should do even better. The SSCC posts the results at Results. They also post the hidden and mid-point radar speeds at RadarResults.

   September 2001

This time we are stepping up to the 150mph class. This class has a tech speed of 165mph. We are going to try to go through the mid-point radar trap at 160mph. Then in May of 2002 we will jump to the unlimited class and just see what this old goat can do.....




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