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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How the #$#& did you stuff a T56 into a GTO

T56 Conversion

2. How did you put 4 wheel disk brakes on a GTO

4 Wheel Disk Conversion

3. Will your fuel injection manifold fit any other GM motor. 

Sorry, but no. The Tiger-2 will only fit classic Pontiac motors. Although we hope in the future to be able to roll our design to fit others. This could be simply done by designing different runner pieces and keep the rest the same. If someone out there is interested in helping with that part please feel free to contact me. Jack's email. With only slight modification, the runners could fit Olds or Buick.

4. How does the car do on the dyno

Dyno Reports

5. List of Modifications

Complete list of Modifications

6. Vintage Air AC Installation

Vintage Air Installation



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