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Here is the 68 stock 68 AC controls: I was able to reuse all of the stock switches to control the Vintage Air unit. I did need to add 1 relay for the vent signal. I was going to use the vacuum switch but I could not find one in all of my 68 stuff that did not leak.


Here we are using a stock 69 head mounted bracket to hold the base of the AC compressor. If there are any vibration issues, I will fabricate a bracket to go from the rear of this head bracket to the rear of the compressor.


The black bracket is also a stock 69 AC bracket, the holes were moved slightly to accommodate the new style AC compressor. Basically just welded up 1 of the stock holes that did not match, and then re-drilled it. I used a stock condenser that was designed for R134a. I had to take it to a welding shop to have the correct style fitting aluminum welded on. It did have a barbed fitting that I could of had a crimped on, but that would have meant taking the entire front of the car apart, and if you have every had to do that, you know why I didn't.


Routing of the AC hoses was a little tricky with the new ram air intake. And yes I will admit it, that's 4" sewer pipe for the new ram air intake, but hey you have to use what you can find. These 4" pipes lead to a box just out of view mounted against the core support. The box houses the K&N cone air filter. The box is open on the front end and a matching hole was cut into the core support directly behind the right high beam light. A 1/4" screen mesh is layered between the two to keep out the big stuff. For true ram air when racing, I take out the right high beam bulb.


Here the new AC box is mounted under the dash in about the same place as the stock unit. And that wire plug sticking out of the carpet is the communications cable for the touch screen interface to the computer in the trunk for when we are racing.


The heater and AC hoses are routed into the car via a nice billet unit that Vintage Air sells. Using 90 and 45 degree fittings, you can achieve just about any routing you need. The AC hoses must be crimped using the type of crimp seen here. I just got my hose fittings turned the correct directions and then took them down to a local AC shop. They crimped them in about 20 minutes and only charged me $5 per crimp. That remote oil filter is the kit from Jegs.com. The lines are also routed to an oil cooler in front of the car.


Here you can see the alignment of the pulleys. I aligned the unit using the rear pulley slot. Only because it puts less stress on the compressor. Notice we also decided to remove the mechanical the fan and go with an electric.


I mounted the Vintage Air AC control to the side of the stock unit. The lever worked perfect placed between the pin and lever of the stock unit. This unit controls just the temperature.


Here is the Vintage Air control panel we bought. I bought the unit so I could strip it and use the temperature slider as shown above. The fan switch was not used. You could just buy the temperature slider, it's only about $30 as this control unit was much more. Live and learn I always say.


I will post a schematic later that is a combination of the stock controls and the Vintage Air controls.


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