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About Us


About Us
Silver State Classic


Tiger EFI was formed in 1997. We formed the company when we created our first EFI manifold. After the struggle we had creating it, we wanted to be able to supply everybody with one. We then decided to create a production cast aluminum manifold that anybody with a classic Pontiac motor could use.

Bio: Jack Blum
Jack is currently a partner in a company that does systems integration of factory automation projects. His company automates everything from assembly of automotive air bags to batching, baking and packaging of cookies and other foods.


Bio: William Bauer Jr. 
William is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and currently works the County of Orange. He also holds a California BAR license for automotive repair, and is a licensed machinist with a background in manual machines and FANUC CNC controls.


Jack and Bill first meet while running the registration desk at the Southern California Gather of Goats regional meet in 1995. They have been working on Pontiac's ever since.

One of our biggest goals is to get our 1968 GTO to 200mph on pump gas!



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